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Ian Wright: Beckham should've chosen League One over PSG


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In his Sun column, Ian Wright explained he didn't understand David Beckham's choice to join PSG. The Arsenal legend would have prefered to see the 37-year-old midfielder come back to England : « Let me get one thing clear straight away, and that's how much I admire him for his gesture in donating all his wages to a children's charity in France during his time with PSG. But as magnificent as that is, I cannot get rid of the nagging feeling it was a chance missed by Becks. The fact so many children could benefit from his donation is superb and further proof — if any was needed — of what a great guy he is. But if Beckham isn't playing for the money any more — and there's no reason to doubt that — then why couldn’t he have come back to England to finish his playing days? Maybe it’s just me being overly wishful here, but how brilliant would it have been if he had rocked up at a club over here instead? Becks has made it clear that the only side he would ever want to play for again in the Premier League would be Manchester United, and that is fair enough. But he, like the rest of us, knows that is never going to happen again — and that is why I would have loved to see him at a Championship or even League One outfit. »