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Eden Hazard : When they won the Champions League I told myself “Why not Chelsea”?

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard - -

Exclusive : This monday on RMC, Eden Hazard explained to Luis Fernandez the reasons behind his transfer to Chelsea. A choice which has a lot to do with the Blues' Champions League victory this season.

Eden, you

You have to adapt. The weather is kind of similar to that in the north of France. Maybe worst (laughs)!

In what state of mind are you in after finally announcing that you will play for Chelsea next season?

I feel great. Now everybody knows where I will be playing. I wanted to go on vacation with peace of mind. I’m going to enjoy it, in order to start next season in the best possible conditions.

Why did you choose Chelsea ?

I’ve always said I wanted to play in England. There was a struggle between Chelsea and Manchester United but according to me Chelsea has the best project. The team is young and I have a better chance to play there. At 21, Real or Barça would have been more difficult for me. If I play well enough at Chelsea I could win my place in the starting team. Chelsea is on top every year. It is never easy after winning the Champions League but there is quality in the team.

Did Chelsea

Yes. The team was in 6th place and therefore not going to play this competition next season. I want to play it every year. When they won the Champions League I told myself “Why not Chelsea”?

What do you need now, to accomplish more and maybe one day win the ballon d

I need a top team like Chelsea. I need to play big games every week in a great league. At Lille I was very steady in my performances but I need to be steadier and score more.

After this transfer, much is expected of you

I know that. Chelsea has made a big investment on me but I don’t put too much pressure on myself with it. I will play the same way I played in France. I will try to make my team win and score goals so they’ll say “buying this player was the right thing to do”

You played England last Saturday (1-0). What do you think about the team?

It is hard to say because it was their last game before Euro. Maybe some players didn’t want to get injured or give everything. I think we played better. We deserved a draw. But England is a great team with great players. Gerrard is very good. Even if he won’t play against France, Rooney is also very important to his team. Their defense is very strong, but France can do something against England.

Is France favorite against England?

France impressed me during the first half against Serbia (2-0). If they play like that they could win.