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T. Parker: "Happy to be back!"

Tony Parker will play in his fourth All Star Game in Orlando.

Tony Parker will play in his fourth All Star Game in Orlando. - -

On his own radio show, Tony Parker talks about his All Star Game selection. The Spurs’ point guard explains what it means to him and how fortunate he is to be a four-time All Star.

First of all, congratulations. How are you feeling now that you know you're going back to the All Star Game?

I’m happy. I have the opportunity to represent the Spurs once again in the All Star Game. My selection really shows how San Antonio has managed to stay on top for all these years. For that and for a lot of other reasons, I’m really happy to be back.

In your opinion, why have you been selected?

When Manu (Ginobili) and TJ Ford got injured, I was given more playing time. I started to be more aggressive on the court and more efficient. I had two big games (42 points against OKC, 37 against Philadelphia). My player of the week award was a factor too. And we were second in the West at the time.

How and when did you learn the good news?

I heard about it on TV like everybody else. I was waiting in front of my TV. Every year, the NBA makes sure nobody knows who is selected before the actual announcement.

You have as many All Star selections as David Robinson and George Gervin. It has to be special for you?

Yes. Tom James (Spurs’ director of media services) told me today that I’m in the history of the franchise now. I'm the fourth Spurs’ player to be selected four times or more to the All Star Game. It’s great. I have been in San Antonio for so many years.

How are you going to spend the All Star week-end?

We play against Denver Thursday night so I won’t leave San Antonio until Friday. There's usually a team meeting on Friday. We are given our All Star rings, our jersey. Then on Saturday, we have a quick practice and in the evening, there’s the dunk contest, the 3-point shootout and the Skill Challenge. I will be in the audience with my family. On Sunday, there’s the game, that's it. During the day, you can do whatever you want. I think I’m going to go to Disneyland. I’ve never been there.

Houston in 2006, Las Vegas in 2007, Phoenix in 2009 and now Orlando, do you have a favorite All Star Game?

No, no favorite. In my opinion, the best thing about the All Star Game is having the opportunity to play with the best. With players like Kobe or Dirk. You see how they are in real life and that’s what makes the All Star Game special. It’s so hard to be an All Star in the NBA that you have to feel fortunate to be a part of it.