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T. Parker: "I've never played so much"

The Spurs have just played five games in six days.

The Spurs have just played five games in six days. - -

On his own radio show, Tony Parker explains why this year’s NBA schedule is so tough. The Spurs' point guard expects it to be even harder now that Ginobili is out of the lineup.

What are your thoughts on the NBA schedule so far?

There are so many games this season. We don't have time to rest or practice. We’ve just had our second back-to-back. Now, we have one day of rest and then another back-to-back. I've never played so much. And with all the away games, it’s really tough.

With this crazy schedule, is the Spurs' staff more careful with you, the players?

Yes, Gregg Popovich is very aware of the situation. Myself, Tim (Duncan) or Manu (Ginobili), we never play more than 30 minutes a game. I’d like to play more but I understand the coach’s decision. Especially since I've played in the European Championship last summer and in the French league during the lockout.

What about Ginobili's hand injury? He is going to be hard to replace? (the Spurs' guard will be out for at least a month and a half because)

Manu's injury is a tough blow for us. He's out after only five games, it's hard. We need our bench to step up, that could be the key this season. Our younger players have to play well, like Danny Green did last week, scoring 24 points against Denver. We need to continue like that.

Is the All-Star Game one of your goals this season?

Of course! Even if it's going to be hard. With all these games, nobody can predict what is going to happen. It could depend on the time I spend on the court. However, my main goal this year is to stay healthy and to be ready for the Olympics next summer.