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Leonardo : « Beckham isn't all about selling shirts and money »


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Leonardo, PSG's sporting director, expects a lot from David Beckham's arrival in Paris.

Leonardo, David Beckham should join PSG soon. What do you expect from him?

I think David Beckham can bring a lot to us as a player. Some might think it’s all about selling shirts and money but it has nothing to do with it. Beckham is a very big player. I think he can help us on the pitch and in the locker room. He has a lot of experience and, for the younger players beside him, it’s a great chance to learn.

But this signing doesn’t seem to rely solely on the sport side of things.

It’s also a massive ad push for the club. We never said Beckham came to back Qatar or whatever. I was there for the discussions and we never talked politics or the tax system. The decision is simple: he’s a massive player who wants to end his career in a big club. After that, he started talking about joining for nothing because he just wants to play. But we decided on a donation and that was it.

When can we expect David Beckham’s arrival ?

I think he’ll arrive on Monday to come with us to Valencia. He’s going to be with the group for this game even if he isn’t going to play. He still needs time to train et prepare. We’ll see when he is fit enough to start. He seems in good form even if he hasn’t played in a while. He still needs time and that’s nothing out of the ordinary. He’s being looked after by our physio and assistant. Right now, he is in the US but he will come back in time to be with us in Valencia.

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